Gibraltar marine canvas upholstery for boats, yacht's,patios

Fabrics we work with

Marine Covers

We work with all the top brands that you would expect.  Top Notch, Top Notch 9, Top Gun, Odyssey and Stamoid, along with a full range of PVC and coated acrylic canvas.
We guarantee that any boat can be covered within budget.


All our seats are trimmed using the very best glue, thread, piping and leather or vinyl, depending on the look you are after.
We can show you a full sample board of the colours and fabrics available.  If you want to get creative, you won't be disappointed.  
We will also match door cards and rear upholstery.

Patio/Fabric Upholstery

For anything external or subject to damp and mildew, we use branded vinyl's and water resistant fabrics such as Nautolex, Spradling, Sunbrella, Agora and Acrisol.  These don't always need to be expensive.
Ask to see the vinyl's also!  Vinyl's have come a long way in recent years and now offer a beautiful array of colours, textures and patterns.